Alberta’s Predator vs Prey Outfitting specializes in black bear hunts in an extremely remote fly in camp deep within Alberta’s heavily populated black bear wilderness.
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We offer baited black bear hunts and a two bear limit in prime black bear country. Baiting allows the hunter a close encounter which is ideally suited for the archery and muzzleloader hunter. Rifle hunters are also welcome. Alberta is renowned for its large black bear population and colored bears. Many bears harvested in Alberta over the past years have made the record books.
A typical day starts with a hearty breakfast. We normally go to the bait sites in the late afternoon. Should hunters want to hunt in the morning or during the day, this can be easily arranged. We mainly travel to bait sites on Argos, enabling us to access remote sites inaccessible by other means. We generally hunt until dark when the big guys come to the bait. The average male black bear will weigh 200-300 lbs and measure approximately 5 to 6 feet nose to tail. The larger black bears will weigh up to 600 lbs and have a length up to 8 feet.
The best way to look over a good trophy bear is at close range. Baits are set up for shots at 10-20 yards. All of our baits are strategically placed in prime black bear habitat to attract a large number of bears and of course very large bears. Baits are spread over about 50 miles, ensuring we attract many bears to each site and they are not over harvested. Recently we expanded into an area that has not been baited before. All of our other baits are well established and have multiple black bears on them.
We bait very aggressively at all of the bait sites often with several 55 gallon drums at each site. We provide a great variety of bait types. After years of baiting black bears we've found the bears like a good variety of fresh food. We also use some of their natural foods like beavers and fish. Most of our sites have large wooden platforms and a ladder for easy access. Our treestands can easily accommodate family members or hunting buddies who may want to video the action. There isn't anything better than a large platform stand when a curious bear decides to climb your tree and you may need to pepper spray him at close range.
Our Spring Hunts generally fill up fast since we have limited numbers. We encourage you to act quickly. Our Spring Bear Hunts are located in a remote camp that provides a true wilderness experience located in prime black bear habitat. Much of this area has never been hunted before. Our river camp is located north of the Firebag River. The numerous, well-established baits will be hunted by ATVs. This will be a truly memorable experience. Your camera is a must!

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